Here's what we do


GT Home Inspections Ltd. offers state of the art home inspection services for Southern and Central Alberta.

Our industry leading inspections include digital photographs of all deficiencies found and outlined in the final inspection report, as well as a thorough explanation of what was found and how it could be fixed. We also utilize Infrared Thermography on every home and mold inspection, so our results are thorough and conclusive. Our services exceed the standard for home inspections, and we pride ourselves on our customer relations we build with every inspection.


GT Home Inspections Ltd. is a certified Mold Inspector in Alberta, and has the equipment necessary to perform mold inspections and get samples tested with results showing exactly which types of mold spores are present at the location.

GT Home Inspections Ltd. sends the sample to EMSL Analytical Inc. to get tested for any type of harmful mold. Once results are returned, we will help you with understanding what the tests found, and what you can do to eliminate the problem.


We are certified to perform Indoor Air Quality Inspections, allowing us to test exactly what is in the air within your home.

Tested by EMSL Analytical Inc. environmental laboratory, we are able to take samples of the air and send them away to get tested. PRO-LAB tests for existence of mold, radon, lead, asbestos and drinking water pollutants. Once results are determined, GT Home Inspections will help you with understanding what was found, as well as how to improve overall air quality in your home.

Radon Measurement Duration

  • Real Estate Transaction test (48 hours)
  • Short – Term Measurement (4 days)
  • Long - Term Measurement (90 days)